Tips to prevent skin weft hair extensions damage

weft hair extensionsA popular hair extension type that is skin weft requires great care. Unfortunately, those who did not give proper time and use the right products often experience skin weft hair extensions damage. As a result, their money goes waste and also their natural hair gets damage. But you are lucky as we are going to discuss some tips on washing them correctly. So, you don’t get the same results. No matter whether you are a first-time wearer or having lots of experience, you still need these tips. 

How to prevent beaded weft hair extensions from damage? 

weft hair extensions

Unlike your natural hair, these extensions will easily get damaged if not take good care of. Therefore, you should know how to wash them and brush them. these nano ring or micro link extensions are prone to breakage more often than other types of extensions. It is because a row of hair strips are bound together to form a weft. And then they are cut in a shape to the head’s circumference of a wearer. 

Good weft hair extensions last longer 

A good quality weft hair extension lasts longer. However, extensions have nothing much to do with washing techniques you use. it is because bad quality hair will not yield better results even if you take its good care. as a result, it will not last even for a couple of weeks. On the other hand, good skin weft hair extensions damage is preventable because they are made of real human hair. You can get them cheap and enjoy them for longer. 

So, find out a brand that offers you high-quality hair extensions in which real hair of human are used. But then it’s your job to prevent them from damage using good products. And by doing so you extend their life by months or a year so follow our tips. 

Weft hair extensions washing tips 

Before you get wet 

However, treating them like your normal hair results in damage. This expensive investment needs more care than your natural hair. so, before you make them wet in the shower brush it properly. The brushing ensures that there are no tangles in the hair. hold your brush from one hand and start brushing from mid-bottom. So, do it gently and not it hurries otherwise you will break your natural hair too along with extensions. 

Moreover, let the hair fall naturally and not by force. 


Undoubtedly, the extensions don’t get natural sebum like your natural hair do as a result of the skin weft hair extensions damage without proper moisture. Luckily, you can now buy a pre-shampoo oil or masque from the stores that moisturize the hair extensions. Apply them and wait for some time and then wash hair. it will give you a shiny and silky hair like they are natural hair. 

Right products 

Besides the oil, you need the right hair care products too like conditioner. Don’t use those with heavy protein other you will get beaded weft hair extensions damage. The oil gets build up in the beads of extensions resulting in more damage. So, choose the right shampoo and conditioner. These were the tips on the prevention of skin weft hair extensions damage.  



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