Tips to prevent skin weft hair extensions damage

weft hair extensionsA popular hair extension type that is skin weft requires great care. Unfortunately, those who did not give proper time and use the right products often experience skin weft hair extensions damage. As a result, their money goes waste and also their natural hair gets damage. But you are lucky as we are going to discuss some tips on washing them correctly. So, you don’t get the same results. No matter whether you are a first-time wearer or having lots of experience, you still need these tips. 

How to prevent beaded weft hair extensions from damage? 

weft hair extensions

Unlike your natural hair, these extensions will easily get damaged if not take good care of. Therefore, you should know how to wash them and brush them. these nano ring or micro link extensions are prone to breakage more often than other types of extensions. It is because a row of hair strips are bound together to form a weft. And then they are cut in a shape to the head’s circumference of a wearer. 

Good weft hair extensions last longer 

A good quality weft hair extension lasts longer. However, extensions have nothing much to do with washing techniques you use. it is because bad quality hair will not yield better results even if you take its good care. as a result, it will not last even for a couple of weeks. On the other hand, good skin weft hair extensions damage is preventable because they are made of real human hair. You can get them cheap and enjoy them for longer. 

So, find out a brand that offers you high-quality hair extensions in which real hair of human are used. But then it’s your job to prevent them from damage using good products. And by doing so you extend their life by months or a year so follow our tips. 

Weft hair extensions washing tips 

Before you get wet 

However, treating them like your normal hair results in damage. This expensive investment needs more care than your natural hair. so, before you make them wet in the shower brush it properly. The brushing ensures that there are no tangles in the hair. hold your brush from one hand and start brushing from mid-bottom. So, do it gently and not it hurries otherwise you will break your natural hair too along with extensions. 

Moreover, let the hair fall naturally and not by force. 


Undoubtedly, the extensions don’t get natural sebum like your natural hair do as a result of the skin weft hair extensions damage without proper moisture. Luckily, you can now buy a pre-shampoo oil or masque from the stores that moisturize the hair extensions. Apply them and wait for some time and then wash hair. it will give you a shiny and silky hair like they are natural hair. 

Right products 

Besides the oil, you need the right hair care products too like conditioner. Don’t use those with heavy protein other you will get beaded weft hair extensions damage. The oil gets build up in the beads of extensions resulting in more damage. So, choose the right shampoo and conditioner. These were the tips on the prevention of skin weft hair extensions damage.  



All About Hot Fusion Hair Extension Review

All About Hot Fusion Hair Extension Review

 Fusion Hair Extension Usually, every woman wants beautiful and long hair. Particularly, hair plays a major role in the overall beauty and looks. Thick and shiny hair is loved by everyone. However, everyone does not have these blessings. Particularly for those women who do not have beautiful hair the methods of hair extension have come in the eye. With the help of hair extension, every woman can flaunt their beautiful hair and look beautiful. So, before having the hair extension, you must look for having hot fusion hair extensions reviews.  

 Types of fusion hair extensions 

Fusion Hair Extension

 Hair extension is of two types’ hot fusion and cold fusion. The cold fusion extension reviews are comparatively more than hot fusion. Therefore, we will provide you all the details of hair extensions to make you understand the difference and benefits of it 

 What is Hair Extensions

Particularly, hair integrations are another name of hair extensions. They are usually used to add the volume and length to the hair. Particularly, synthetic and natural hair is used to make them. However, natural hair is the best quality of hair. By the way, if you want a cheaper option then synthetic hair is a good option.   

 Use of hair extension- Reasons 

Fusion Hair Extension

In brief, there are many reasons for using hair extensions, for example 

  • Without using hair colors particularly add some hair colors. 
  • Usually, add some bounce to your regular hair. 
  • Likewise, it is used for getting a new look 
  • However, those who do not have good hair growth can add extra length to hair by this. 


Things to keep in mind about fusion hair extensions

  • To begin with, always take care of your natural hair. Damaged hair cannot bear much styling so oil your hair regularly and take good care of it. 
  • Besides, always go for good quality hair extensions. For taking decision fusion bond hair extensions reviews will help you.  
  • Together with the extension will not be so tight. If you facing any irritation or pain immediately consult your stylist for the solution.  
  • In particular, if required always take care of your professional stylist for protecting yourself from any damage.  

 Details of Hot Fusion Hair Extensions 

Usually, the hot fusion method requires a well-trained professional. Particularly to be attached to the extension keratin u tip bond that is lined with silicone is required. Hence, with the help of heating tools, the extension is then bond to the root of your hair. Particularly heat damage is protected by silicone. It takes 6-8 hours to attach the hot fusion extensions and its life is usually of 4-8 months. From the hot fusion hair extensions reviews, you will get to know the various benefits of it. For example, it is the most durable method which blends perfectly with natural hair.  


Details of Cold Fusion Hair extensions 


Likewise hot fusion hair extension the method is the same in cold fusion. The only difference is it comes pre-tipped with keratin that is attached to the hair root. Though it does not require heat application, as a result, you need some special tools for this. The benefits details you will get from the cold fusion hair extensions reviews will help you to decide further.  




The hot fusion hair extensions reviews will help you to know more about this. However, the essential information that is shared with this article to you will help you further. 


10+ best fusion hair extension tools for applying and removing

10+ best fusion hair extension tools for applying and removing

   Fusion Hair ExtensionParticularly having the right tools is very essential for doing a good hair extension. Therefore it does not matter that you are a professional or not. However, some of the hair extensions methods are so easy that you can apply or remove them by yourself at home. Therefore if you have a perfect knowledge of fusion hair extension tools you can easily use this anytime by yourself.  

With this in mind, we will share the details of some hair extension applying and removal tools. Usually, that will make the process easier and fast. However, all the extension removal tools or accessories are very simple to use even beginners can use them perfectly. Particularly the list includes both hot and cold fusion hair extension tools and supplies. 

Types of fusion hair extensions tools

Keratin hair Extensions

Particularly this is used to remove adhesive safely from the hair. Therefore peel extension with ease by simply applying a drop or two. In fact it is also available in the form of a gel. Moreover, this removal is damage-free and 100% safe for your hair. Although you can also use it after you remove hair extension for glue residue removal. Then again it can be used to remove lacewings also which was attached with the glue itself. Therefore it is used for lacewings, keratin hair extension, and tape in fusion types.  

Removable double-sided tape fusion hair extension

Fusion Hair Extension

Since, it is more likely to happen in Remy tape extension that tape will get damaged. Because the Remy tape extension lasts long for many time. Hence, you can easily cut a new piece of tape and stick it onto the extensions by just removing the damaged tape carefully. Nowadays, precut pieces are also available if you do not want to cut the tape by yourself. Moreover, to apply wigs as well as weft extension clients use this tape mostly. Therefore this is used in Wigs, weft extensions, and Tape-in. 


Micro Rings Links for fusion hair extension

Fusion Hair Extension

Mostly it is used for cold fusion extensions. Besides, it is also for a person who plans to wear strands for a longer time i.e. more than a few months. Therefore for install and reinstall, these links are used. The rings are made of aluminum, copper or silicone materials. However, for matching the rings perfectly with natural hair this rings come in different color combinations. Usually, these fusion hair extensions tools are used in I-Tip hair and Micro Ring Loop extensions types. 

Particularly, some other fusion hair extension tools and supplies are also available for example 

  • Ultrasonic hair connector or Heat Wand 
  • In addition Scalp, Hair Glue, and Heat Protectant 
  • Also Finger Cots or Glue protector 
  • Coupled with Keratin Melting Point And Glue 
  • Glue Sticks 
  • Hot Glue Gun for Extensions 
  • Latch hook crochet needles 
  • Furthermore nylon and cotton sewing threads 
  • Also Hair extensions pillar


Fusion Hair Extension

Particularly the fusion hair extensions tools are very useful for both professionals and unprofessional. Therefore, they are easy to use and very effective too. 

Fusion hair extensions tutorial for beginners

hair extensions

Do you know the secret of long and fuller hair of famous celebrities? No, then let us tell you that they use hair extensions and that’s becoming common nowadays. Even you can use them. Lots of hair extensions varieties are available in the stores. Go and get one. But do you know the right one, its fusion hair extension? Moreover, you can apply it at home just by seeing the fusion hair extensions tutorial. But if you have no confidence to apply it at home, then go to professionals.  

This guide is for those who are choosing the first option. Fusion hair extensions how to apply methods are here- 

Fusion hair extensions tutorial 

fusion hair extensions tutorialHowever, before we tell you the application procedure you need to know a few key issues of the hair extensions. Read them below: 

Hair types of Fusion hair extensions

What kind of hair extension you are using matters. So, decide whether you need synthetic or human hair type or a mix of both.  

Hair origin of Fusion hair extensions

Unfortunately, many girls don’t even focus on the origin of the hair extension. But that matters a lot so check out in the fusion hair extensions tutorial what you should know about it. You will get either a European or non-European hair of origin.  

Hair texture of Fusion hair extensions

The texture of the hair matters a lot. And you have options like wavy, straight or a mix of both.  

Moreover, before knowing how to apply fusion hair extensions you must check the color and length of the hair. Apart from this, there are methods of applying for fusion hair extension. Read further to know about them.  

Fusion hair extension tutorial for application methods  

There are following three methods that professionals or you can use for DIY. Weaving, micro links, and bonding are those three methods if you ask fusion hair extensions how to apply.  

Weaving method of Fusion hair extensions

Weaving method Again there are three methods of weaving that you can use. First is the basic cord tracking or pinch weaving or cord weaving? In addition to this, some call them micro weaving or track locking as well. However, to attach the hair strands using it put the strands in a horizontal fashion and stitch into a lock. Do it carefully while matching the natural pattern of your hair. It is beneficial than others as it keeps the strands long-lasting and tight.  

The oldest method weaving is most of the favorite because of its application method. Unfortunately, DIYers cannot use it.  

Bonding method of Fusion hair extensions

Bonding method Here products like glue, wax or keratin help in attaching the fusion hair extensions. Know which product is best in the fusion hair extensions tutorial. However, keratin is good adhesive and you don’t have to buy it as fusion extension already has them. Simply use a heat gun to melt the glue and it will attach with the hair.  

Micro ring method 

Micro ring methodThere are various methods like silicone rings, and tubes. Using a tube means no need to use glue or wax. However, you cannot do it alone.  

So, these were methods you can find on fusion hair extension tutorials online. You can check more about how to apply for fusion hair extensions.

Full guide on cold fusion hair extension brands

Full guide on cold fusion hair extension brands

Cold fusion is one of the new methods which are gentle and soft for the natural hair. However, this is the method that uses the keratin based polymer to attach to the extension. On the other hand, this is the hair fusion which is there with the root of the natural hair. Apart from this, there are many cold fusion hair extension brands available in the market. The cold fusion is the bonding which is having the ultrasound waves. Well, with the best mechanical energy the cold fusion hair extension transforms the hair. However, this usually occurs with the cold fusion you will have the stylish look. In the same way the fusion hair extension is having the best visible bond. 

hair extensions

Know the Working of hair extension 

But instead of the heat treatment using extension, cold fusion hair extension brands are better for hair. However, there are many waves which get apply as per the mechanical energy.  In the tip of extension this is the best fusion hair extension which is available. And the hair extension attaches directly to the tip of the natural hair. On the other hand, if the roots of the natural hair get damages then the branded fusion is enabling to work with longer duration.  

Apart from this, there are many fusion hair extension companies that are available. There are many tips which are used to bind the hair together. Both the hair extension and the natural hair gets correctly bind for looking stylish and attractive. In addition to this, the hair together is invisible and flexible. Therefore, this is the way that you feel better by having the hair extension than the natural hair. 

hair extensions

Advantage of cold fusion hair extension 

Fortunately, there are many advantages with using the best fusion hair extension companies for having the hair extension. And this is the way that the cold fusion is preferable among people. Over the hair extension the cold fusion hair extension is used. And there are many useful applications available for attaching the hair extension properly. Luckily, some of the advantages that they are having are as follows- 

  • They do not use heat 
  • Looks stylish and attractive 
  • Have gentle nature 
  • Applied to the roots 
  • Suitable for long hair 

So, these were some of the advantages which are there with having the cold fusion hair extension. Apart from this, having fusion hair extension brands is the best way to look attractive. 

How to get the hair extensions? 

hair extensionshair extensionshair extensions

Luckily, there are many fusion hair extension brands and companies available in the market. However, this is the way that the people can select the best hair extension and apply them. So, you can get easily access to the company that is providing you with the best services for having the fusion hair extension. And this is the way that the customers get the expected extension.  


Therefore, select the best hair extension among the fusion hair extension brands and have different look in the function. However, this is the way that you can also have the good care of the hair extension that you have.