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How To Care For Your Hair Extensions
You have just spent a lot of money on your hair extensions so make sure you get the most of them.
It's vital that you look after them in between visits.
* Prior to washing your hair brush thoroughly using a hair extensions loop brush ( available for purchase in the online shop). These brushes put less tensions on the hair.
* Always wash your hair with the hair falling backwards not forwards.
* It is much better for the hair to use shampoos which are specially formulated for the extensions as this will keep them in better condition for longer and stop the bonds from breaking down.
* Gently shampoo the hair with your fingertips. Do not scrub the scalp vigorously or rub the shampoo through the extensions, this will cause knotting.
* Use a good quality treatment regularly and work gently through the hair. Leave on for 5-10 mins and then rinse thoroughly.
* DO NOT use any products with sodium lauryl sulphate as they break down the bond. DO NOT use PANTENE.
* DO NOT COMB OR BRUSH THE HAIR WHEN WET!!. It may cause the extensions to slip.
* Loosely wrap the towel around the hair and squeeze out the excess water. Don't pile the hair on top of the head or twist it in the towel as this can cause matting.
* Apply a leave in treatment or smoothing cream to the mid-lengths and ends to keep them moisturised.
* Dry the roots of the hair with a hair dryer on medium heat before brushing. Hold the hair on the nape of the neck for support brush the hair starting from the ends working up.
* If straightening the hair use a heat protecting product and finish the look with a serum of finishing spray for extra shine.
* Plait the hair every night and when excercising to keep it from matting.
* Try to avoid getting your hair wet in chlorinated pools and salt water . This dries the hair out and will cause matting. If you do swim a lot make sure you wet the hair in fresh water and apply a conditioner before swimming. This will stop the hair from absorbing any salt or chlorine.
*  The extensions will need to be moved up between 8-10 weeks depending on how well they are looked after and how fast you hair grows. The cost of this is $150.
* If the extensions are left longer than 10 weeks and matting occurs the cost is $250 as the extensions will have to be taken out, matting removed and then put back in which is a much bigger job. It may also cause damage to the hair leaving thm unmaintained for too long.
Remember that although these extensions are real hair they do not receive the natural oils from the scalp that your own hair does and therefore they need the moisture putting back in them with good quality moisturising products.
All the products I have mentioned are available in the online shop on this website. They are made by the same manufacturer as the extensions so are designed especially for them making them the best option.